SEMCO CLEAR COAT -See description!

SEMCO CLEAR COAT -See description!

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***Provides a more impervious surface to food and oil stains and imparts a rich patina to the teak. SEMCO Clear Coat can be applied OVER SEMCO Teak Sealer on table tops to help provide stain resistance. It will slightly darken whatever shade the wood is. Please note, this product is not the same as the sealers and is not recommended for use on boat decks.

This note from the manufacturer:

Difference between the Sealer and Clear Coat:

Our Teak Sealer is a product that when applied to cleaned or new teak, penetrates and leaves behind a protectant to keep the wood from graying, without putting a coating on the surface. The Clear Coat is a hybrid of the Sealer that does put a coating on the surface to help resist stains on tabletops. The best part about the Teak Sealer is that when it wears down, all you need do is apply another coat to update the protection. The problem with the Clear Coat is that while it resists food stains it prevents you from updating the Sealer over time. While our original intent was to develop a product that will produce a bit of a gloss, the Clear Coat will help with stain resistance but prevents update of the Sealer. We only recommend using the Clear Coat in food service applications or when you have small children.


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